Use Positive Reviews from Customers / Users

Use Positive Reviews from Customers / Users

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The most basic thing in using social proof as a marketing strategy is to put up positive reviews left by your customers/business users. Quoted from “77% of users/customers online see reviews left by previous customers or users”. This refers to the 2 driving factors above, business legitimacy (expertise) and service quality (uncertainty).

It is undeniable, a person who is just about to use a product or service will find information about it, even though it sounds trivial, this turns out to have an effect. The sentiment of a product/service will build from the reviews left behind, if you bring up positive reviews then the product/service will naturally have a positive sentiment. This happens because potential users who are not certain of their choices will be attracted by positive comments that give the business/product that you market to have legitimacy and specialization in this regard.

Create a Blog to Build a Social Proof
Creating a blog about a product is one thing you can use to get social proof. In line with displaying positive reviews, blogs can provide useful knowledge and information for your customers or prospective customers.

In addition, by filling the blog with educational content related to the business that you do. By having content like this you will build social proof by making your business more friendly and caring for consumers.

But don’t stop there. You should be able to use SEO and SEM as an additional form of promotion to maintain the relevance of your blog. By maintaining SEO and SEM you can make your blog stay in first place or the front page of a search engine, this is important because users usually only see the first page, without bothering to look at the next page.

Using Influencers as Part of Branding / Ambassador Products

This is a thing that is happening and is becoming a fairly popular method used by companies. Using a figure, especially one that is well known to the public and has certain credibility will certainly be a special attraction for potential customers to buy a product / service.

Influencer, as the name implies has the ability to influence (influence) others to use a certain product / service. In addition, influencers can also make a positive impression on a product / service that uses the influencer’s services.

Telling an influencer or ambassador to be one way to promote a product / service is still relevant. This is proven by a survey that was initiated by Fourcommunications, a communications agency based in the United Kingdom and the Middle East stating that 49% of consumers still depend on influencers’ recommendations on social media.

Engage in Online Conversation Regarding Related Products
Interacting with customers on social media is one way to value customers. By interacting with customers, customers will feel valued by the products / services they use. In addition, customers usually also express their opinions and opinions through social media, by interacting and monitoring, you can make innovations and breakthroughs based on the needs of your customers.

The most dangerous thing as a social proof effect is impulsive buying, because you follow the actions of others then without a clear purpose you will make an impulsive purchase. This is also one of the effects that can be caused by social proof.

But social media is a double-edged sword and you have to be careful when using social media. Sometimes there are people who openly criticize harshly to a product / service. You should avoid this and reduce it as much as possible because it will affect people’s perceptions of the business that you live.

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