Tips & Trick Make a Termination Letter

Tips & Trick Make a Termination Letter

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Tips & Trick Make a Termination Letter

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In a company or business activity, correspondence and correspondence are important. Apart from being an official messenger of messages, it is also valid proof of information. One of them is a termination of employment.

From the name, surely you can understand the meaning of the letter. Yes, it must be intended to convey information about termination of employment. Every employee dismissal, it is fitting for the company to give this letter. As authentic evidence that will be held by employees.

As when you just started, you get a statement that you were accepted and signed a letter of employment agreement. Just as when dismissed. It is also necessary to include a letter.

Now, in this article, we will try to discuss the termination of employment. Like the elements in it, to how to make it. So you can get complete information from this article, read it to the end!

Background Issuance of Termination of Work
Everything is usually done because of a certain background. Even the case with the issuance of termination of employment. There are several things behind the company issuing this letter.

In Law Number 13 Year 2003 regarding Manpower, the government has formulated a number of points which are reasons for dismissal of an employee’s work. Like death, a contract that ends, or a decision that results in termination, either from the company or a court decision.

In addition, there are also points that cannot be used as a reference or background for dismissal of an employee, namely:

Sick worker, the time span reaches 12 months in a row and is accompanied by a doctor’s statement.
When workers are unable to do their jobs, because there are other obligations to the state and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
Workers do not work because they worship according to their religious orders.
When female workers become pregnant, give birth and breastfeed.
There is a relationship of kinship or marriage between employees in one company, except if there are regulations that govern it.
If the worker reports the company to the police or the authorities due to a crime.
If workers are permanently disabled or disabled due to work accidents.
Found differences of understanding or belief.
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Make a Letter of Termination of Work
We continue to the next discussion, which is about how to make a termination letter. There are a number of points that you need to prepare or think about when making them.

As with official letters in general, termination of employment also contains the same elements. Like letterhead, which provides information about the name of the company or institution and its address. Its position is to provide an explanation of who is responsible for issuing this letter.

Then there is the letter number, which is adjusted to the secretariat policy of a company. In this case, usually will include the serial number of the letter, letter code such as the SP for the notification letter, the month the letter was issued, and the year of the letter.

Next is the subject, or type of letter, such as a permit letter for example. Then the purpose of the letter. Make sure there is a full name, title or profession and the address is yes.

Enter the core part of the letter, which is a message or notification of termination of employment. Make sure the language used is good, correct, easy to understand and not wordy. Also fill in the contents section with the statement of the decision dismissed and if there is a reason.

Last is the closing paragraph, accompanied by greetings. Usually there will be a signature or clear name of the person responsible for the letter.


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