This is a Wise Caption that Can Motivate Your Employees

This is a Wise Caption that Can Motivate Your Employees

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This is a Wise Caption that Can Motivate Your Employees

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At work, motivation is needed to increase productivity. Sometimes we are at the saturation point at work. Sometimes we also feel bored at work, but how to deal with it? A wise caption will increase your motivation to work.

But, what is a wise caption? In this article, we will explain the sundries of wise sages for you as an HR (human resource) in order to increase employee motivation!

Wise Caption
Previously we started to discuss the word caption, surely you have often heard this word caption. If you use Instagram social media, then it is not strange that you hear the word caption.

Usually, many people will ask “How to make a good caption what to do” to attract likes in the photos you post. But do you know the real words?

So the caption is a brief explanation or description that accompanies illustrations or photos.

The caption is also defined as a short piece of text below an image in a book, magazine, or newspaper. Its position describes and explains what people say in it.

However, in the HR world, this caption serves to motivate employees. The photos displayed are also photographs that carry a positive aura. Biasanyan HR makes wise judgments to motivate employees. That way, this can increase productivity in employees.

The Purpose of Caption Wisely
As discussed above, the goal of this wise caption is to motivate employees. However, it not only provides motivation but also to transmit positive aura.

Because forming a positive aura will also make the work environment comfortable. If the work environment is comfortable, the level of employee productivity will increase because there is nothing to meditate on.

If the atmosphere of the office does not make it comfortable, then you yourself will not be comfortable with the atmosphere. You will get stressed quickly and feel bored with such conditions, and your productivity will be disrupted. Therefore the goal is to make a wise caption to create a positive aura in the office.

Make a Wise Caption
Now, if you already understand what a wise caption is and also the purpose of a wise caption, you must be wondering how to make it. Therefore, here we will explain how to make it.

Meaningful Short
First, in making the caption you need is a short sentence and also meaningful. It does look difficult because when making short sentences we must also convey the true meaning.

But you can try starting from aphorisms that have been made by important people. You can quote words from Mario Teguh or you can also take words from Deddy Corbuzier.

Use Emoji
In a wise caption, emojis become an important enough tool to make your caption look sweet, funny and reinforce the message you convey.

With emojis, employees who read your caption will really feel the message is written. Employees will also feel more warmth from the message.

These uses of emojis must also be used appropriately. Do not be too much, later employees will think you are too excessive or they can feel “amused” by the caption you make.

The use of these emojis must be reasonable, with the proper use of emojis the recipient of the message will see your sincerity giving a caption.

Do not Typo
As humans, we will not escape mistakes, and therefore we sometimes like to make mistakes. But in making a caption, you have to be really careful in your writing.

As much as possible you do not typo because it can make the message you want to convey not received.

But you must ask what is typo? So typo is a person who writes a word, but does not match the original word. This is what will cause misperception.

So as much as possible when you make wise captions, you must be even more careful so that the captions you make do not have wrong words. Because it can change the meaning of the message.


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