Social Proof, Things That Sometimes Make You Become Impulsive

Social Proof, Things That Sometimes Make You Become Impulsive

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What made you to click on this article and decide to read this? Is the title of the article, the description displayed on the search page, or your own desire? If you go in and read for the first 2 reasons, maybe you have experienced what is called social proof :). So, if I don’t click this article, let’s discuss what social proof really is.

Social Proof? What the heck is that?
So, you know, humans are social creatures, right? Now this can be seen from how humans react when they do not know what to do or are in a situation that they are not familiar with. Humans if faced with these then he will follow the behavior carried out by people around him.

Now the situation as above is described by Robert Cialdini as “social proof” or “informational social influence”. The behavior will stand out when someone is placed in an unfamiliar social environment and is made to make decisions that are tolerated by people in that environment. Besides this effect also affects someone who is in a group. The majority choice in the group will encourage its members to choose the same thing without considering whether it is right or wrong.

What Causes Social Proof Behavior?

Now we already know, that this behavior occurs by looking at others to make choices. Actually there are several components / factors that can cause a human being to do this, these things are:

Uncertainty arises in every new situation encountered and a person has no experience or reference to take action on it. This is the most important thing in a condition where social proof can be done.

If someone is in an unfamiliar environment, then he will have a tendency to observe the surroundings. Then choose the actions taken by people who are in the same position as himself.

If you are a student, there are times when you will make what your teacher says is something that is right and you follow. This happens because you trust the teacher as a credible source. This credibility comes from the expertise that he has.

The Number of People Involved
When a group of people experiences something unfamiliar together, then the decision taken is the choice of the majority of the collection. This choice will be taken directly without considering the truth and validity of the choice.

Social Proof as a Marketing Strategy
Once we know what social proof is, then we can use it as a strategy used to market a product / be used as a marketing strategy.

By utilizing social proof theory you can make an unknown product into a commodity that people will buy and make a profit for the business you run. Some things you can do as a marketing strategy step by utilizing social proof theory are.

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