Personnel Director

Personnel Director

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Personnel Director

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The personnel director is the person in charge of developing the personnel planning system and controlling a policy for employees. Besides this the director of personnel also serves the administrative needs of his pagans and carries out coaching for the development of administrative staff.


Managers are people who adjust and integrate the various variables and characteristics of their employees in achieving the same organizational goals.

Manager’s Duties
Give direction in making decisions, wisdom, supervision and so on.
Designing organization & work.
Selecting, assessing, training and developing employees or prospective employees.
Regulate and control the communication system.
Make a reward system.
Personnel manager

Personnel management is the person who plans, distributes compensation, develops, and maintains the workforce so that the company’s goals can be achieved.

Duties of the Personnel Manager
In general the task of the personnel manager is the person who manages the organization, controls the personnel unit, takes care of the administrative process of all personnel activities.

Personnel management is also tasked with taking care of recruitment procedures by selecting, examining, interviewing and creating a value system for the performance of its employees.

In addition, a personnel manager is also tasked with taking care of employment permits, managing medical funds and employee pension funds, taking care of business trips and facilities.

Personnel management is also tasked with making employee data systems, administrative forms of personnel activities and making a reporting system relating to all personnel activities.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are people who work to market the company’s production results.

Marketing Tasks
In general his job is to make plans and design marketing production strategies in accordance with market trends.

It also conducts marketing research in accordance with market developments, makes efficient company information operations and reports its work regularly to the director.

Factory Manager

The organizational structure of this company is a person who has full responsibility for the factory entrusted to him. The plant manager must consult with the director frequently so that the work he does can go in harmony.

The Duty of the Factory Manager
In addition, the plant manager also has the duty to be responsible for the production results, namely by anticipating and overcoming all issues related to the company’s production with other divisions.

Which is under the responsibility of the factory manager, namely PPC, procurement of goods and production.

ADM & Warehouse

ADM & Warehouse Section is tasked to check all administration & transactions that are related to the running of the company. This section consists of Accounting, CMT and Cashier.

Duties of ADM and Warehousing:
Collecting data and bookkeeping of all transactions that occur.
Taking care of matters that have links with outsourcing.
The cashier’s duty is to make a report on expenses & income from daily money in the company.
Regional Division
Regional division is the person in charge of managing company assets and conducting company business according to the direction of the company. It is also in charge of agreeing on a joint work target with the directors.

Regional Duties
The task of the regional division is to carry out standard procedures & policies that have been set by the company, operate as a business entity that benefits investors and increases the company’s assets.


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