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By using HRIS, you no longer need to search employee data manually from piles of files or from hundreds of Excel database files. Every information you need can easily be tracked, found and updated in just seconds.

By simply pressing a few buttons from the HRIS system that you are using, you have got the data you want.

Saving time
The duty of an HR is to not only look for data, but there are other jobs that are still waiting. The efficiency of an HR is an important factor in the smooth operation of a company’s business.

There are many other reasons why companies use technology to improve efficiency, in this case the management of information of their employees.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
ERP is an integrated management technology that covers almost all sectors of the company. Starting from the production process, human resouce, customer realtionship management, sales, and other things that cover the main business processes of a company.

ERP generally provides information in real-time between one business process with other business processes and keep the work flow running without a hitch.

The system continuously updates the database that is stored in the company’s main database. Tracking every resource such as money, materials, production capacity, payroll that is part of HCMS, and others.

ERP systems owned by companies differ from one company to another, adapted to business models, product types, scale of production and so on.

Why is HCMS Important for Companies?
Personnel or individuals who each have to work and provide positive contribution to the company are valuable assets for the company.

As a valuable asset the individuals and talents in question will have an impact on the success or failure of a company. Therefore, managing human capital is very important in recruiting and maintaining these talents.

The productivity and comfort of personnel with the valuable talent needed is the key to success for every company. HCMS helps HR professionals in carrying out their duties of finding, orienting, training, motivating, and increasing employee participation in advancing the company.

Problems Faced in Human Capital Management
Many problems may be faced by an HR professional in managing a company’s Human capital. Common problems faced such as poor performance management, poor performance analysis, changes in the company’s internal organization, and so forth.

A good HCMS software will be able to prevent the things that are not desirable above. All data is collected and processed in such a way that it becomes comprehensive data and can help HR and people at the executive level make decisions.

Important Factors in Choosing HCMS
Choosing the right HCMS will make it easier for you to manage all HR matters in managing and increasing the competence of its employees. Not only that the selection of the right system or software will also have a positive impact on the overall development of the company.

The important factors that you should pay attention to are as follows.

The first thing you need to consider in choosing an HCMS system to help your company’s HR is easy access, 24/7, from anywhere, anytime, and can be used on various platforms.

Second is the security guarantee of your company’s database storage. You do not want your important human capital data to be lost, stolen or accessed by irresponsible parties.

Look for a system that can support your HR work more easily. A non-confusing display, easy access, easy to understand usage, and easy installation.

Features and Functions
Next consider the features offered. Even though there are many similar programs, look for a system that has features that are appropriate for the company.

Not all features of every software are relevant for all companies. Maybe the one software, with the fitr provide extraordinary benefits for a company, but the feature is deemed inappropriate for other companies.

Because every company has a different business model, different types of products, different industries, and different scale of business operations.

Look for HCMS software that has a price that matches the benefits offered. Expensive does not mean to provide more benefits and cheap does not mean not quality.

Generally HCMS with a quite expensive price has more features than similar competitors’ products. If you don’t use all the features, it’s better to look for similar software with features and benefits that are appropriate for your company.


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