Marketing Duties as Product Planner

Marketing Duties as Product Planner


Before being marketed commercially a product must be planned or brewed properly. A company cannot just release a product without careful planning. At least there must be a basis that is owned by the product. For example, it will target to what circles the product is made.

If it is devoted to the lower middle class. So the marketing task in planning this product will focus on price. With an affordable price, the company will be able to attract the interest of consumers from the middle to lower classes. Although sometimes the function of the product is indeed far if compared to the expensive price.

Indeed, if a product has more efficient and many functions. Even though the price is expensive, the product will sell well. For example, a smartphone with a high specification will be more expensive when compared to an ordinary cellphone. Then a variety of additional features such as waterproof will increase consumer interest.

Another story if the product is the task of marketing will focus on sales speed. Maybe the company will make products with large quantities and affordable prices. For example, only with snack food plus the net amount and subject to discounted prices.

Mixing the Right Price

As a tricky marketing task determining prices has become a challenge. Marketing must compare prices for similar products before they can be marketed. For example, the company will issue new soy sauce products. With the same specifications as competitors but with more bonuses.

The competitor sets the price of 1000 rupees. Then you cannot immediately set the price to 5000. This is irrational and only results in this product failing to sell on the market. The biggest price ratio that can be set by the company is around half the price of competitors.

If you want to back up the product on its inaugural marketing. Then the company can market at half price with a fairly small profit calculation. Then after consumers feel the benefits of the new product. Re-raising the original price, provided the normal price was introduced during the blow-up.

Promotion Planning Main Marketing Tasks

As is known by most people. That the task of marketing is to do efficient marketing. One part of marketing is not just selling. But also do promotion or promotion. What exactly is the promotion? Promotion is the introduction of a product or providing information related to it.

Promotional methods very much ranging from conventional to using social media. It was even known as a door-to-door promotion. This is intended because of the importance of product promotion. But thankfully, with the development of various kinds of social media promotions are increasingly easy to do.

The basic rule of promotion is to introduce products as efficiently as possible. This means that the task of marketing is not just to introduce products from a to z. but they have to package the discussion in the promotion to be more efficient. With this efficiency, marketing must also be able to attract the hearts of consumers and potential customers.

Give service

Hospitality is another function of marketing. Service is a way for a transaction to take place. Without good service, consumers will tend not to be interested in goods or products. For example, in a supermarket, consumers will shop. But he was greeted with poor service so that consumers finally decided.

To find other supermarkets that will provide better service. Cases like this are very common. To provide maximum service. Then the employees also have to lighten their workload. Using software is, of course, the only answer.


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