Know the Principles and Work Culture of Generation Y

Know the Principles and Work Culture of Generation Y

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Know the Principles and Work Culture of Generation Y

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The words of millennial generation seem familiar to Indonesian people nowadays. Millennial or generation Y is actually a term for someone born in the early 1980s until the 2000s.

In every theme of conversation we almost always hear the word “millennial”, ranging from politics, business, to the type of product. Therefore, in this article we will discuss generation Y, better known as millennial generation, in more depth. Let’s just start the discussion.

Millennial or Generation Y
As explained earlier when viewed from the year of birth, this generation was born between 1980-2000. The word millennial itself is caused because this generation is the only generation to pass through the second millennium.

But millennial meaning itself often changes meaning and context, depending on the theme of the conversation and the use of words to express the nature, attitudes, and views of a group.

The characteristics of this generation also differ depending on the region and each individual. Generation Y is the generation that experiences changing conditions, both economic and technological.

One thing that is very common in this generation is the convenience of using digital technology and social media in social interaction.

Then the question arises is there a “designation” for generations before and after generation Y? The answer is there. According to the theories and sciences that study this subject generation is divided into Lost Generation, Greatest Generation, Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z.

The grouping of generations above is used to classify generations in the western world. Only with easy access to information is the term millennial commonly used in Indonesia.

Generation X as Millennial Predecessor
Generation X is someone born between 1960-1980 which means it grew after the Second World War. In areas affected by the conflict generation X has a difficult life and only focuses on survival and rebuilding his life.

There is no room for being an idealist. Individualism, ambitiousness, and workaholism are values ​​shared by Generation X. This generation has less dependence on social media and technology like generations.

Characteristics and Characteristics of Generations

Psychologist Jean Twenge, author of Generation Me, assessed millennial generation to be more confident and tolerant than the previous generation. But in the same book the author also mentions that millennial generation has a narcissism and entitlement compared to its predecessor generation.

Entitlement is someone’s right to something. But the context of entitlement used for millennial generation has a negative context similar to arrogance or arrogance.

Generation Y has the nature that they believe if they have the privilege. Desired privileges tend to have expectations that are too high, to the point where it doesn’t make sense.

Such as instant success, wealth instantly, and want a certain position without going through a long process.

In another book called fast future, David Burstein’s writing describes millennial as a generation that has a social outlook called “Pragmatic idealism”.

These millennials make positive contributions and changes to the world in general and realize that achieving their tasks requires effort and hard work, either in new ways or by utilizing existing systems.


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