How to Choose the Right Human Capital Management System (HCMS)

How to Choose the Right Human Capital Management System (HCMS)

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How to Choose the Right Human Capital Management System (HCMS)

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Human capital management system, or HCMS, is a way to manage human resources (HR) owned by the company. Human capital has become one of the intangible assets of a company that has economic value.

Economic value is obtained from company personnel in the form of skills, creativity, work experience, etc. that are used to produce goods or services that have value.

HCMS is simply a technology system, software that simplifies the task of a company’s human resource (HR) division. Come on, let’s just discuss together about this one theme.

Difference between HCMS, HRIS, and ERP
HCMS, HRIS, and ERP are the three systems that are commonly used in almost all companies in managing their human resources. But do you know what the three systems are?

Human Capital Management System (HCMS)
HCMS is a technology or software system used in acquiring, assigning, and developing company employees effectively, in order to increase the economic value generated by company employees.

Human capital is very important for the success of a company. The concept of human capital itself realizes that not all company personnel have the same competence and performance.

But companies can improve the quality and performance of their human capital with training, seminars, and so on. Every competency and ability possessed by each employee is different.

These competencies and abilities must have economic value both for the company itself and the economy as a whole.

This system covers administrative, tactical, and strategic matters in managing the company’s human capital. The prisoners are as follows.

Inside are:

Administrative personnel / employees
There are also administrative benefits, rewards, and other benefits according to company policy
Payrol Administration
Rules and Procedures
Port self-service for employees
Company management information, and
Service center
Strategic and Tactical
Inside there

Visualization of the organization
Workforce planning and management
Recruitment and hiring
Employee orientation
Employee compensation policy
Competency and performance management
There is also time and cost management
Education and training
Report and analysis

Human Resouce Information System (HRIS)
HRIS is an online information system or solution that is used in data entry, data tracking, and information data used by an HR in carrying out their duties.

These data generally contain general information about company personnel such as:

Demographic information such as age, gender, date of birth, contacts to contact, and so on
Then the job information such as position, division of work, the amount of remuneration, and others
Requests for leave and others
HRIS can be regarded as a subsystem of the company’s HCMS in managing and increasing the value of the company’s human capital.

The use of this type of system in many companies can be based on the following reasons.


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