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Digital Native

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Digital Native.

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Digital native is one of the terms that are often used to describe Y generation and technology. While immigrant digital is a term that is often used to describe technology and generation X.

The use of the term digital immigrant in generation X is caused by the use of technology in everyday life is not a common thing and has not had a significant impact on everyday life.

In contrast to digital native where the use of technology in everyday life is very common and the impact is very large in everyday life.

Generation Y is very dependent on technology in carrying out its activities. Starting from work, transportation, to payment transactions. Technology also plays an important role in the interactions carried out by millennials who tend to use social media in social interactions.

This generation can also adapt quickly to new technologies that are on the market and begin to implement these new technologies in their lives.

Some generation X thinks that generation Y has answers and solutions to every problem that exists by utilizing the ease of access to information possessed. Of the many millennials who have a variety of solutions, only a handful do the execution of ideas and solutions in solving problems.

Political Views

Generation Y generally has a political outlook which tends towards social liberalism. In Indonesia, millennials begin to focus on the substance of the problem compared to the rhetoric of political leaders.

For those who are interested in politics they are generally firm in their respective positions and in accordance with the information, political feelings and values ​​they profess.

Not all Indonesian millennial generations are interested in politics. For those who are not interested they think that it is not important to discuss politics. But not infrequently despite saying so they have their own political principles and values.

They only consider political discussion a waste of time. According to them everyone must have made their own political choices and attitudes.

Religious Belief
In general, global millennial has a tendency to not have religion. In secular countries, millennials generally do not believe in religion. Atheism and agnosticism are views held by most millennials in a secular state.

Unlike in Indonesia, where millennial generation still believes in the existence of one God. Although the practice opinion is different, where millennials generally prioritize tolerance in the social life of their religion compared to their predecessor generation.

Work Culture
The Y generation work culture is certainly different from the previous generation. In addition to technological factors, millennial work culture is also influenced by the nature of millennial generation and the social values ​​it adopts.

In the world of work, millennial generation is assumed to be the generation that has no loyalty to the company. Maybe this is true considering that this generation tends to be idealistic and possesses the nature of entitlement.

Work culture which is considered ideal for millennial generation has the following characteristics.

Flexible Work Environment
Nowadays remote working or working outside the office is becoming a trend among millennials. Several types of jobs with technology and the widespread use of the internet allow it to be completed outside the office environment.

Companies that have remote working policies are an indication of an ideal company for millennials. A flexible work environment aims to reduce employee stress levels and overall employee well-being.

A sense of togetherness
A millennial in carrying out his work wants to make a positive contribution to the company. A sense of togetherness can increase participation and a sense of belonging to the company, which can have a positive impact on the company.

The opportunity to develop oneself is one thing that is considered important for millennial generation. You need to remember, millennial generation tends to be idealistic, entitled, and have high self-confidence.

If a millennial who works for a company feels that he does not have ample opportunities to develop himself and his career, he will most likely leave the company he works for.


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