Big File With All Its Varieties Until Now

Big File With All Its Varieties Until Now

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It’s not big data if it’s only available in one file type. referred to as big data because it holds various types of files. Ranging from music, videos to documents. Every file that is in this big data can be used by companies to explore the interests of consumers. for example, based on the genre of music the company likes can make a product.

For example, by making a jacket patterned metal bands. Of course the target market is the music lovers. More clearly the company will easily determine the marketing target of its products. and get more relevant information about manufacturing products. The abundance of digital information sources is like a very profitable oil mine.

Just how companies will use big data to be used as a marketing tool. Especially increasing sales from companies. Keep in mind this big data is not a neatly arranged file. So that the processing is also needed tools. Whether it’s hardware or software, if done traditionally, then this kind of work will never end.

Quality of Big Data Based on its Validity
Of course, the validity of the big data cannot be ascertained. because the state of volume increase is based on the use of consumers. sometimes consumers or the public also provide an invalid file. If the company does not validate it, there will be confusion when trying to use big data.

In this section the company must be more careful. because every day the volume of big data will increase. Of course the added file will be mixed with valid and not. The company will not be able to fully control the validity of this file. It’s just that when you want to use it the company can select. From a valid file or not.


Maximize the Marketing Tasks of Employees

Maximize the Marketing Tasks of Employees

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Facilitating employee marketing tasks is something a company can do to maximize revenue. Because this will increase product sales from the company. As is well known that marketing activities are the basis of making a profit. So the more maximum marketing is done by the company.

Then the company will gain even greater profits. Broadly speaking, marketing activities play a crucial role in a company. Without going well marketing in a company. Then the development that will be done by the company can be hampered.

Very clearly the marketing task must be facilitated by the company. Actually, in this day and age marketing is increasingly easy to do by all companies. With the presence of various supports that can be used for corporate marketing. The following are marketing tools that you can use to increase company profits.

Marketing Tasks As Fulfilling Consumer Needs

Of course the main marketing task is to fulfill the needs of consumers. Without marketing activities or people responsible for carrying it out. The company will be on the verge of bankruptcy if the marketing fails. Overall marketing can indeed be interpreted as an effort to meet the needs.

The needs here are from two parties, namely consumers and producers. Manufacturers produce products that are then used by consumers. Healthy flow is so marketed that the product will sell. Because it becomes the needs of consumers. It should be underlined that a product can sell well in the market because it has been in demand by many consumers.

How can this happen to your product? Of course by targeting the right consumers and markets. If you do not place the product in the right market. The possibility of these products will not be able to sell well and instead accumulate in the market.

This is an unhealthy flow. And the fulfillment of marketing tasks that fail. To be able to continue to grow, a company must sell its products as well as possible. Without carrying out marketingnya well, the company will suffer various losses. It is not wrong if employees who work as marketing are called spearheads.


Use Positive Reviews from Customers / Users

Use Positive Reviews from Customers / Users

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The most basic thing in using social proof as a marketing strategy is to put up positive reviews left by your customers/business users. Quoted from “77% of users/customers online see reviews left by previous customers or users”. This refers to the 2 driving factors above, business legitimacy (expertise) and service quality (uncertainty).

It is undeniable, a person who is just about to use a product or service will find information about it, even though it sounds trivial, this turns out to have an effect. The sentiment of a product/service will build from the reviews left behind, if you bring up positive reviews then the product/service will naturally have a positive sentiment. This happens because potential users who are not certain of their choices will be attracted by positive comments that give the business/product that you market to have legitimacy and specialization in this regard.

Create a Blog to Build a Social Proof
Creating a blog about a product is one thing you can use to get social proof. In line with displaying positive reviews, blogs can provide useful knowledge and information for your customers or prospective customers.

In addition, by filling the blog with educational content related to the business that you do. By having content like this you will build social proof by making your business more friendly and caring for consumers.

But don’t stop there. You should be able to use SEO and SEM as an additional form of promotion to maintain the relevance of your blog. By maintaining SEO and SEM you can make your blog stay in first place or the front page of a search engine, this is important because users usually only see the first page, without bothering to look at the next page.

Using Influencers as Part of Branding / Ambassador Products

This is a thing that is happening and is becoming a fairly popular method used by companies. Using a figure, especially one that is well known to the public and has certain credibility will certainly be a special attraction for potential customers to buy a product / service.

Influencer, as the name implies has the ability to influence (influence) others to use a certain product / service. In addition, influencers can also make a positive impression on a product / service that uses the influencer’s services.

Telling an influencer or ambassador to be one way to promote a product / service is still relevant. This is proven by a survey that was initiated by Fourcommunications, a communications agency based in the United Kingdom and the Middle East stating that 49% of consumers still depend on influencers’ recommendations on social media.

Engage in Online Conversation Regarding Related Products
Interacting with customers on social media is one way to value customers. By interacting with customers, customers will feel valued by the products / services they use. In addition, customers usually also express their opinions and opinions through social media, by interacting and monitoring, you can make innovations and breakthroughs based on the needs of your customers.

The most dangerous thing as a social proof effect is impulsive buying, because you follow the actions of others then without a clear purpose you will make an impulsive purchase. This is also one of the effects that can be caused by social proof.

But social media is a double-edged sword and you have to be careful when using social media. Sometimes there are people who openly criticize harshly to a product / service. You should avoid this and reduce it as much as possible because it will affect people’s perceptions of the business that you live.


BPJS contributions or Employee Insurance Premiums Paid by the Company

BPJS contributions or Employee Insurance Premiums Paid by the Company

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BPJS is a social security program organized by the Social Security Organizing Agency. Where, every Indonesian and foreign citizen (WNI / WNA) who has lived in Indonesia for more than 6 months are required to become BPJS members.

BPJS contributions are paid by employers and workers with a percentage of contributions from salaries or wages (it is not explained in the regulation that this salary is the basic salary, gross salary, net salary, etc.) specified in the Government Regulation.

Work Accident Insurance (JKK)
Furthermore, there is also Work Accident Insurance or JKK, which is compensation and rehabilitation for workers who have an accident when they start leaving for work until they get back home.

It could also be when employees suffer from work-related illnesses. JKK contributions are usually paid in full by the company. The amount of contribution is based on the type of business and risk group:

Group I: premium of 0.24% x monthly work wage.
For group II: premium of 0.54% x monthly work wage.
Group III: premiums of 0.89% x monthly work wages.
For group IV: premium of 1.27% x month’s wage.
Group V: premium of 1.74% x monthly work wage.
Death Guarantee (JK)
In addition to work accident insurance, it is necessary to pay PPh 21 for life insurance. This is intended for heirs of BPJS Employment program participants who died not because of work accidents.

In this case, the employer is obliged to bear the Death Insurance program contribution of 0.3% of salary or wages.

Health Insurance (JKes / BPJS Health) is valid since July 2015
Then there is another Health Insurance which is a program of BPJS Health and followed by taxpayers.

Since 1 July 2015, the Health Insurance contribution rate is 5% of the monthly salary, which is 4% paid by the employer and 1% by the employee.

The salary or salary used as the basis for calculating Health Insurance contributions consists of salary or basic salary and fixed benefits.

The highest limit for salaries or wages per month used as the basis for “calculation of contributions is 2 times the PTKP with marital status with 1 child. Then, for other families, which consist of fourth children and so on, parents and parents-in-law, the contribution rate is 1% per person from salary / wages “.

Income Tax Allowance 21

For employers who provide PPh 21 allowances to their employees, in this case the PPh 21 allowance is full or in part, the total PPh 21 allowance is a component of gross income enhancement.

While the salary calculation method for employees who receive PPh 21 allowances is the net salary method or gross-up.

BPJS benefits
For employers who provide BPJS benefits (JKK, JK, JP, JKes) in full with the method of calculating net salary or gross up, then this benefit is used as a component of gross income enhancement.

Gross income reduction
The reduction in gross income is also included in the component of how to calculate PPh 21, which is a cost that can reduce gross or gross income. These include:

Position allowance
Represents costs assumed by tax officers as expenses (costs) for a year related to work. In the 20116 PTPK, it was determined that office costs were 5% of annual gross income and a maximum of Rp 500,000 a month or Rp 6 million a year. From ordinary staff to directors are entitled to a reduction in gross income.

Pension costs
There is also a pension fee as a component of how to calculate Income Tax 21. It is a deduction from gross income in calculating Article 21 Income that is owed and must be deducted from the income received by the pension recipient on a monthly basis.

The amount of pension costs set in the 2016 PTPK is 5% of gross income and a maximum of Rp 200,000 per month or Rp 2,400,000 per year.




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By using HRIS, you no longer need to search employee data manually from piles of files or from hundreds of Excel database files. Every information you need can easily be tracked, found and updated in just seconds.

By simply pressing a few buttons from the HRIS system that you are using, you have got the data you want.

Saving time
The duty of an HR is to not only look for data, but there are other jobs that are still waiting. The efficiency of an HR is an important factor in the smooth operation of a company’s business.

There are many other reasons why companies use technology to improve efficiency, in this case the management of information of their employees.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
ERP is an integrated management technology that covers almost all sectors of the company. Starting from the production process, human resouce, customer realtionship management, sales, and other things that cover the main business processes of a company.

ERP generally provides information in real-time between one business process with other business processes and keep the work flow running without a hitch.

The system continuously updates the database that is stored in the company’s main database. Tracking every resource such as money, materials, production capacity, payroll that is part of HCMS, and others.

ERP systems owned by companies differ from one company to another, adapted to business models, product types, scale of production and so on.

Why is HCMS Important for Companies?
Personnel or individuals who each have to work and provide positive contribution to the company are valuable assets for the company.

As a valuable asset the individuals and talents in question will have an impact on the success or failure of a company. Therefore, managing human capital is very important in recruiting and maintaining these talents.

The productivity and comfort of personnel with the valuable talent needed is the key to success for every company. HCMS helps HR professionals in carrying out their duties of finding, orienting, training, motivating, and increasing employee participation in advancing the company.

Problems Faced in Human Capital Management
Many problems may be faced by an HR professional in managing a company’s Human capital. Common problems faced such as poor performance management, poor performance analysis, changes in the company’s internal organization, and so forth.

A good HCMS software will be able to prevent the things that are not desirable above. All data is collected and processed in such a way that it becomes comprehensive data and can help HR and people at the executive level make decisions.

Important Factors in Choosing HCMS
Choosing the right HCMS will make it easier for you to manage all HR matters in managing and increasing the competence of its employees. Not only that the selection of the right system or software will also have a positive impact on the overall development of the company.

The important factors that you should pay attention to are as follows.

The first thing you need to consider in choosing an HCMS system to help your company’s HR is easy access, 24/7, from anywhere, anytime, and can be used on various platforms.

Second is the security guarantee of your company’s database storage. You do not want your important human capital data to be lost, stolen or accessed by irresponsible parties.

Look for a system that can support your HR work more easily. A non-confusing display, easy access, easy to understand usage, and easy installation.

Features and Functions
Next consider the features offered. Even though there are many similar programs, look for a system that has features that are appropriate for the company.

Not all features of every software are relevant for all companies. Maybe the one software, with the fitr provide extraordinary benefits for a company, but the feature is deemed inappropriate for other companies.

Because every company has a different business model, different types of products, different industries, and different scale of business operations.

Look for HCMS software that has a price that matches the benefits offered. Expensive does not mean to provide more benefits and cheap does not mean not quality.

Generally HCMS with a quite expensive price has more features than similar competitors’ products. If you don’t use all the features, it’s better to look for similar software with features and benefits that are appropriate for your company.


5 of the most effective ways to overcome excessive laziness

5 of the most effective ways to overcome excessive laziness

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Feeling lazy when doing work or studying is a natural thing. But we don’t want to, are we lazy all the time? How the heck are we so that we do not dissolve in laziness? Let’s listen to the article. In this article, there are 10 tips on how to avoid feeling lazy.

Rest your body
This is the first way to get rid of laziness and it might sound awkward in your ears. How can laziness be relieved by resting? Is not resting can actually make us lazier? Edits, but how to get rid of this laziness is true, you know!

According to the Succes Consciousness page, some cases of feeling lazy usually appear exhausted or lack of energy. So that feeling lazy is gone, then we are advised to rest so that fatigue in the body disappears, and energy in the body can be refilled. So from that, how to get rid of the first lazy is really relate for you to do later.

Give Yourself a Kind of Motivation
In addition to fatigue, feeling lazy also sometimes arises from a lack of motivation in yourself. So that laziness in yourself disappears, then you have to give some kind of motivation to yourself so that you are not lazy anymore.

The way to eliminate laziness with your own motivation can be done in various forms. You can motivate yourself by reminding yourself about the benefits of being a diligent person; or you can also by giving rewards to yourself, if you can be a more diligent person.

Have the Goals You Want to Achieve
How to get rid of laziness is still related to how to get rid of laziness before. Having goals that you want to achieve (especially in 2019) will make you more motivated in living your days in 2019. That way, the feeling of laziness in you can disappear, and change to the spirit that makes you more productive this year.

Learn from Successful People
If you have difficulty motivating yourself, then this way to eliminate laziness is mandatory for you to do. See and learn how successful people overcome laziness in him. If necessary, practice what methods or methods they use to overcome their laziness. Who knows, you can be diligent and successful as they are.

Make a Daily Schedule and Obey the Schedule
In addition to eliminating laziness, how to eliminate laziness this one can also make you more disciplined. Because, how to get rid of this lazy one can make you better know when it’s time to work, rest, and even have fun.

Make a daily schedule with a clear division of time. Share clearly how many minutes / hour you work; how many hours do you rest; and when you can have as much fun as you want.

For example: work for a total of seven hours, where every hour you divide into two, namely: 50 minutes of work and the remaining 10 minutes of rest. Well, you can use the rest of the time for fun, whether it’s having fun at the mall, watching a movie, eating at a favorite restaurant, or any activity that can make you happy. But, you must remember, if all the remaining time you spend to have fun. Leave some time for you to sleep so you do not get tired, huh!

If you have made a daily schedule, then you must obey it as well as possible. Maybe initially you will find it difficult to do that. But, believe me, slowly you can do this way to eliminate laziness, and you can become more diligent, enthusiastic, and productive!


Know the Principles and Work Culture of Generation Y

Know the Principles and Work Culture of Generation Y

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The words of millennial generation seem familiar to Indonesian people nowadays. Millennial or generation Y is actually a term for someone born in the early 1980s until the 2000s.

In every theme of conversation we almost always hear the word “millennial”, ranging from politics, business, to the type of product. Therefore, in this article we will discuss generation Y, better known as millennial generation, in more depth. Let’s just start the discussion.

Millennial or Generation Y
As explained earlier when viewed from the year of birth, this generation was born between 1980-2000. The word millennial itself is caused because this generation is the only generation to pass through the second millennium.

But millennial meaning itself often changes meaning and context, depending on the theme of the conversation and the use of words to express the nature, attitudes, and views of a group.

The characteristics of this generation also differ depending on the region and each individual. Generation Y is the generation that experiences changing conditions, both economic and technological.

One thing that is very common in this generation is the convenience of using digital technology and social media in social interaction.

Then the question arises is there a “designation” for generations before and after generation Y? The answer is there. According to the theories and sciences that study this subject generation is divided into Lost Generation, Greatest Generation, Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z.

The grouping of generations above is used to classify generations in the western world. Only with easy access to information is the term millennial commonly used in Indonesia.

Generation X as Millennial Predecessor
Generation X is someone born between 1960-1980 which means it grew after the Second World War. In areas affected by the conflict generation X has a difficult life and only focuses on survival and rebuilding his life.

There is no room for being an idealist. Individualism, ambitiousness, and workaholism are values ​​shared by Generation X. This generation has less dependence on social media and technology like generations.

Characteristics and Characteristics of Generations

Psychologist Jean Twenge, author of Generation Me, assessed millennial generation to be more confident and tolerant than the previous generation. But in the same book the author also mentions that millennial generation has a narcissism and entitlement compared to its predecessor generation.

Entitlement is someone’s right to something. But the context of entitlement used for millennial generation has a negative context similar to arrogance or arrogance.

Generation Y has the nature that they believe if they have the privilege. Desired privileges tend to have expectations that are too high, to the point where it doesn’t make sense.

Such as instant success, wealth instantly, and want a certain position without going through a long process.

In another book called fast future, David Burstein’s writing describes millennial as a generation that has a social outlook called “Pragmatic idealism”.

These millennials make positive contributions and changes to the world in general and realize that achieving their tasks requires effort and hard work, either in new ways or by utilizing existing systems.