Big Data Sources of Corporate Development Acceleration

Big Data Sources of Corporate Development Acceleration

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Since the use of computer equipment as a means of documentation, the term big data has emerged. This is caused by the entire results of the company’s activities. In general, this might be interpreted as a large file. It won’t be easy for a company to manage such a large number of files.

More precisely this term began to be known in 2000 ago. Where currently the incessant use of computers for all the interests of the company. Because a very large number of files like this will not be able to be processed in the normal way. Let’s say you have to analyze a market interest file of 10 gigabytes.

Of course, things like this will be very inefficient if analyzed in the usual way. Besides spending energy. the traditional process will only waste a worker’s time. So to use files with very large numbers it needs some intermediaries. Here are the concepts contained in this large file.

The Amount of Big Data That Increases

This big data every year and even the day will continue to grow. Along with the file storage activity used by companies and the public. For example, in 2000 this file had reached 80 thousand petabytes. It has touched petabytes since 2000 while the file will reach zetabytes this year.

The entire development of consumer interests and needs is in there. Why all the files can be generated ?. Of course, because the activities of companies and communities are increasingly dependent on computers and gadgets. The amazing amount as above is the result of a summary of all the storage in this world.

Accompanied by the appearance of large files, there must be storage that must be more efficient and broad in order to accommodate it. Maybe like this can not be saved through ordinary computer devices. Because the amount will continue to grow. How important is this big file actually for the company?

Of course it will be so important to remember that in this file all the interests of the world community are contained. Ownership of this large file might be something that entrepreneurs need to do in this era. Although processing large files is not easy. But still companies have to do it for expansion.

Processing Speed ​​in Large Files
In big data also known as velocity or speed. how fast the company will be able to process files. Then use the file for the benefit of the company. This is the main problem of a large file. The more files pile up, the company must be able to more quickly carry out the analysis process.

Of course this speed will always be proportional to the size of the file. for example, all company files are 1 terabytes. While the speed of the analysis process is 1GB per second. So for once the process will take approximately 10 minutes. That’s only one tera, while large files in general have reached the size of petabytes.

I can’t imagine how much time a company would have if it had to analyze this big data. With this problem then many software developers make solutions. from the cloud system to everything else. The point is they want the process that needs to be done for these large files to be more efficient and fast.

But in an effort to solve this set of problems a fairly efficient solution is needed. Without the use of software a company will be very difficult to be able to complete its analysis in a timely manner. Moreover, this large file will always increase with time as if there is no maximum limit.


Cloud System Integration Make Business Easier

Cloud System Integration Make Business Easier

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A point of sale can optimize marketing or company management. because right now it’s crowded cloud integration in POS. so to reform something the company can immediately do it through the POS. when management must conduct an audit related to the flow of sales made by the company.

then he can immediately do it through this POS. all that’s left is to equate the stock in POS with the availability in the warehouse. if time does not have time, the audit can be done first to check via POS. data storage paths through the cloud are also very massive. making it possible for companies to store large amounts of information.

this convenience makes the point of sale always used for the benefit of corporate transactions. so far many companies have been helped by the presence of POS. without having to be bothered again by the company’s management path which traditionally will spend time.

Client or Customer Information Will Be Securely Maintained
if you ever shop at a number of mini markets, you must have been offered to make a member card. actually this member card function as information of interest and also how competent the mini market is. then a new problem arises namely, whether the data that has been provided by consumers will be well preserved when submitted to the mini market ?.

of course, because mini market entrepreneurs will use the point of sale. as an intermediary to save member important data. of course this storage uses cloud base too. otherwise the security will be very fragile and easily known by irresponsible parties.

armed with a member card consumers can benefit, while for the retail party. he will receive a number of important data to improve his product. usually in the form of what products are most often purchased. then how optimistic is the consumer’s response when various attractive promos apply in the mini market.

the need to build a very good relationship between the company and consumers. is one of the reasons for creating a point of sale. in the form of making this member card. maybe ancient times for just making this member card consumers are charged. because in the process has not used a cloud storage base that is so simple.

Simplify All Sales Reports
In the final stages of marketing, a sales report will be needed. this is useful as a reference for follow-up that needs to be taken by the company. if the company is still making sales reports manually. then the efficiency of time that needs to be done by each related party will be very long.

Luckily, this point of sale was discovered. with all sales data that has been recorded in this software. a company can easily create a sales report without the hassle. profitable indeed and quite efficient because the party responsible for making the sales report no longer hassles.

Broadly speaking, the use of point of sale is very much. not just focus on the transaction. but also includes stock and other interests. Has your company started to use this facility? if you haven’t used JojoExpense as a point of sale company.


Social Proof, Things That Sometimes Make You Become Impulsive

Social Proof, Things That Sometimes Make You Become Impulsive

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What made you to click on this article and decide to read this? Is the title of the article, the description displayed on the search page, or your own desire? If you go in and read for the first 2 reasons, maybe you have experienced what is called social proof :). So, if I don’t click this article, let’s discuss what social proof really is.

Social Proof? What the heck is that?
So, you know, humans are social creatures, right? Now this can be seen from how humans react when they do not know what to do or are in a situation that they are not familiar with. Humans if faced with these then he will follow the behavior carried out by people around him.

Now the situation as above is described by Robert Cialdini as “social proof” or “informational social influence”. The behavior will stand out when someone is placed in an unfamiliar social environment and is made to make decisions that are tolerated by people in that environment. Besides this effect also affects someone who is in a group. The majority choice in the group will encourage its members to choose the same thing without considering whether it is right or wrong.

What Causes Social Proof Behavior?

Now we already know, that this behavior occurs by looking at others to make choices. Actually there are several components / factors that can cause a human being to do this, these things are:

Uncertainty arises in every new situation encountered and a person has no experience or reference to take action on it. This is the most important thing in a condition where social proof can be done.

If someone is in an unfamiliar environment, then he will have a tendency to observe the surroundings. Then choose the actions taken by people who are in the same position as himself.

If you are a student, there are times when you will make what your teacher says is something that is right and you follow. This happens because you trust the teacher as a credible source. This credibility comes from the expertise that he has.

The Number of People Involved
When a group of people experiences something unfamiliar together, then the decision taken is the choice of the majority of the collection. This choice will be taken directly without considering the truth and validity of the choice.

Social Proof as a Marketing Strategy
Once we know what social proof is, then we can use it as a strategy used to market a product / be used as a marketing strategy.

By utilizing social proof theory you can make an unknown product into a commodity that people will buy and make a profit for the business you run. Some things you can do as a marketing strategy step by utilizing social proof theory are.


This is a Wise Caption that Can Motivate Your Employees

This is a Wise Caption that Can Motivate Your Employees

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At work, motivation is needed to increase productivity. Sometimes we are at the saturation point at work. Sometimes we also feel bored at work, but how to deal with it? A wise caption will increase your motivation to work.

But, what is a wise caption? In this article, we will explain the sundries of wise sages for you as an HR (human resource) in order to increase employee motivation!

Wise Caption
Previously we started to discuss the word caption, surely you have often heard this word caption. If you use Instagram social media, then it is not strange that you hear the word caption.

Usually, many people will ask “How to make a good caption what to do” to attract likes in the photos you post. But do you know the real words?

So the caption is a brief explanation or description that accompanies illustrations or photos.

The caption is also defined as a short piece of text below an image in a book, magazine, or newspaper. Its position describes and explains what people say in it.

However, in the HR world, this caption serves to motivate employees. The photos displayed are also photographs that carry a positive aura. Biasanyan HR makes wise judgments to motivate employees. That way, this can increase productivity in employees.

The Purpose of Caption Wisely
As discussed above, the goal of this wise caption is to motivate employees. However, it not only provides motivation but also to transmit positive aura.

Because forming a positive aura will also make the work environment comfortable. If the work environment is comfortable, the level of employee productivity will increase because there is nothing to meditate on.

If the atmosphere of the office does not make it comfortable, then you yourself will not be comfortable with the atmosphere. You will get stressed quickly and feel bored with such conditions, and your productivity will be disrupted. Therefore the goal is to make a wise caption to create a positive aura in the office.

Make a Wise Caption
Now, if you already understand what a wise caption is and also the purpose of a wise caption, you must be wondering how to make it. Therefore, here we will explain how to make it.

Meaningful Short
First, in making the caption you need is a short sentence and also meaningful. It does look difficult because when making short sentences we must also convey the true meaning.

But you can try starting from aphorisms that have been made by important people. You can quote words from Mario Teguh or you can also take words from Deddy Corbuzier.

Use Emoji
In a wise caption, emojis become an important enough tool to make your caption look sweet, funny and reinforce the message you convey.

With emojis, employees who read your caption will really feel the message is written. Employees will also feel more warmth from the message.

These uses of emojis must also be used appropriately. Do not be too much, later employees will think you are too excessive or they can feel “amused” by the caption you make.

The use of these emojis must be reasonable, with the proper use of emojis the recipient of the message will see your sincerity giving a caption.

Do not Typo
As humans, we will not escape mistakes, and therefore we sometimes like to make mistakes. But in making a caption, you have to be really careful in your writing.

As much as possible you do not typo because it can make the message you want to convey not received.

But you must ask what is typo? So typo is a person who writes a word, but does not match the original word. This is what will cause misperception.

So as much as possible when you make wise captions, you must be even more careful so that the captions you make do not have wrong words. Because it can change the meaning of the message.


How to Choose the Right Human Capital Management System (HCMS)

How to Choose the Right Human Capital Management System (HCMS)

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Human capital management system, or HCMS, is a way to manage human resources (HR) owned by the company. Human capital has become one of the intangible assets of a company that has economic value.

Economic value is obtained from company personnel in the form of skills, creativity, work experience, etc. that are used to produce goods or services that have value.

HCMS is simply a technology system, software that simplifies the task of a company’s human resource (HR) division. Come on, let’s just discuss together about this one theme.

Difference between HCMS, HRIS, and ERP
HCMS, HRIS, and ERP are the three systems that are commonly used in almost all companies in managing their human resources. But do you know what the three systems are?

Human Capital Management System (HCMS)
HCMS is a technology or software system used in acquiring, assigning, and developing company employees effectively, in order to increase the economic value generated by company employees.

Human capital is very important for the success of a company. The concept of human capital itself realizes that not all company personnel have the same competence and performance.

But companies can improve the quality and performance of their human capital with training, seminars, and so on. Every competency and ability possessed by each employee is different.

These competencies and abilities must have economic value both for the company itself and the economy as a whole.

This system covers administrative, tactical, and strategic matters in managing the company’s human capital. The prisoners are as follows.

Inside are:

Administrative personnel / employees
There are also administrative benefits, rewards, and other benefits according to company policy
Payrol Administration
Rules and Procedures
Port self-service for employees
Company management information, and
Service center
Strategic and Tactical
Inside there

Visualization of the organization
Workforce planning and management
Recruitment and hiring
Employee orientation
Employee compensation policy
Competency and performance management
There is also time and cost management
Education and training
Report and analysis

Human Resouce Information System (HRIS)
HRIS is an online information system or solution that is used in data entry, data tracking, and information data used by an HR in carrying out their duties.

These data generally contain general information about company personnel such as:

Demographic information such as age, gender, date of birth, contacts to contact, and so on
Then the job information such as position, division of work, the amount of remuneration, and others
Requests for leave and others
HRIS can be regarded as a subsystem of the company’s HCMS in managing and increasing the value of the company’s human capital.

The use of this type of system in many companies can be based on the following reasons.


Tips & Trick Make a Termination Letter

Tips & Trick Make a Termination Letter

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In a company or business activity, correspondence and correspondence are important. Apart from being an official messenger of messages, it is also valid proof of information. One of them is a termination of employment.

From the name, surely you can understand the meaning of the letter. Yes, it must be intended to convey information about termination of employment. Every employee dismissal, it is fitting for the company to give this letter. As authentic evidence that will be held by employees.

As when you just started, you get a statement that you were accepted and signed a letter of employment agreement. Just as when dismissed. It is also necessary to include a letter.

Now, in this article, we will try to discuss the termination of employment. Like the elements in it, to how to make it. So you can get complete information from this article, read it to the end!

Background Issuance of Termination of Work
Everything is usually done because of a certain background. Even the case with the issuance of termination of employment. There are several things behind the company issuing this letter.

In Law Number 13 Year 2003 regarding Manpower, the government has formulated a number of points which are reasons for dismissal of an employee’s work. Like death, a contract that ends, or a decision that results in termination, either from the company or a court decision.

In addition, there are also points that cannot be used as a reference or background for dismissal of an employee, namely:

Sick worker, the time span reaches 12 months in a row and is accompanied by a doctor’s statement.
When workers are unable to do their jobs, because there are other obligations to the state and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
Workers do not work because they worship according to their religious orders.
When female workers become pregnant, give birth and breastfeed.
There is a relationship of kinship or marriage between employees in one company, except if there are regulations that govern it.
If the worker reports the company to the police or the authorities due to a crime.
If workers are permanently disabled or disabled due to work accidents.
Found differences of understanding or belief.
Also read the Work Culture article

Make a Letter of Termination of Work
We continue to the next discussion, which is about how to make a termination letter. There are a number of points that you need to prepare or think about when making them.

As with official letters in general, termination of employment also contains the same elements. Like letterhead, which provides information about the name of the company or institution and its address. Its position is to provide an explanation of who is responsible for issuing this letter.

Then there is the letter number, which is adjusted to the secretariat policy of a company. In this case, usually will include the serial number of the letter, letter code such as the SP for the notification letter, the month the letter was issued, and the year of the letter.

Next is the subject, or type of letter, such as a permit letter for example. Then the purpose of the letter. Make sure there is a full name, title or profession and the address is yes.

Enter the core part of the letter, which is a message or notification of termination of employment. Make sure the language used is good, correct, easy to understand and not wordy. Also fill in the contents section with the statement of the decision dismissed and if there is a reason.

Last is the closing paragraph, accompanied by greetings. Usually there will be a signature or clear name of the person responsible for the letter.


Personnel Director

Personnel Director

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The personnel director is the person in charge of developing the personnel planning system and controlling a policy for employees. Besides this the director of personnel also serves the administrative needs of his pagans and carries out coaching for the development of administrative staff.


Managers are people who adjust and integrate the various variables and characteristics of their employees in achieving the same organizational goals.

Manager’s Duties
Give direction in making decisions, wisdom, supervision and so on.
Designing organization & work.
Selecting, assessing, training and developing employees or prospective employees.
Regulate and control the communication system.
Make a reward system.
Personnel manager

Personnel management is the person who plans, distributes compensation, develops, and maintains the workforce so that the company’s goals can be achieved.

Duties of the Personnel Manager
In general the task of the personnel manager is the person who manages the organization, controls the personnel unit, takes care of the administrative process of all personnel activities.

Personnel management is also tasked with taking care of recruitment procedures by selecting, examining, interviewing and creating a value system for the performance of its employees.

In addition, a personnel manager is also tasked with taking care of employment permits, managing medical funds and employee pension funds, taking care of business trips and facilities.

Personnel management is also tasked with making employee data systems, administrative forms of personnel activities and making a reporting system relating to all personnel activities.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are people who work to market the company’s production results.

Marketing Tasks
In general his job is to make plans and design marketing production strategies in accordance with market trends.

It also conducts marketing research in accordance with market developments, makes efficient company information operations and reports its work regularly to the director.

Factory Manager

The organizational structure of this company is a person who has full responsibility for the factory entrusted to him. The plant manager must consult with the director frequently so that the work he does can go in harmony.

The Duty of the Factory Manager
In addition, the plant manager also has the duty to be responsible for the production results, namely by anticipating and overcoming all issues related to the company’s production with other divisions.

Which is under the responsibility of the factory manager, namely PPC, procurement of goods and production.

ADM & Warehouse

ADM & Warehouse Section is tasked to check all administration & transactions that are related to the running of the company. This section consists of Accounting, CMT and Cashier.

Duties of ADM and Warehousing:
Collecting data and bookkeeping of all transactions that occur.
Taking care of matters that have links with outsourcing.
The cashier’s duty is to make a report on expenses & income from daily money in the company.
Regional Division
Regional division is the person in charge of managing company assets and conducting company business according to the direction of the company. It is also in charge of agreeing on a joint work target with the directors.

Regional Duties
The task of the regional division is to carry out standard procedures & policies that have been set by the company, operate as a business entity that benefits investors and increases the company’s assets.