Big File With All Its Varieties Until Now

Big File With All Its Varieties Until Now

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It’s not big data if it’s only available in one file type. referred to as big data because it holds various types of files. Ranging from music, videos to documents. Every file that is in this big data can be used by companies to explore the interests of consumers. for example, based on the genre of music the company likes can make a product.

For example, by making a jacket patterned metal bands. Of course the target market is the music lovers. More clearly the company will easily determine the marketing target of its products. and get more relevant information about manufacturing products. The abundance of digital information sources is like a very profitable oil mine.

Just how companies will use big data to be used as a marketing tool. Especially increasing sales from companies. Keep in mind this big data is not a neatly arranged file. So that the processing is also needed tools. Whether it’s hardware or software, if done traditionally, then this kind of work will never end.

Quality of Big Data Based on its Validity
Of course, the validity of the big data cannot be ascertained. because the state of volume increase is based on the use of consumers. sometimes consumers or the public also provide an invalid file. If the company does not validate it, there will be confusion when trying to use big data.

In this section the company must be more careful. because every day the volume of big data will increase. Of course the added file will be mixed with valid and not. The company will not be able to fully control the validity of this file. It’s just that when you want to use it the company can select. From a valid file or not.

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