Big Data Sources of Corporate Development Acceleration

Big Data Sources of Corporate Development Acceleration

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Since the use of computer equipment as a means of documentation, the term big data has emerged. This is caused by the entire results of the company’s activities. In general, this might be interpreted as a large file. It won’t be easy for a company to manage such a large number of files.

More precisely this term began to be known in 2000 ago. Where currently the incessant use of computers for all the interests of the company. Because a very large number of files like this will not be able to be processed in the normal way. Let’s say you have to analyze a market interest file of 10 gigabytes.

Of course, things like this will be very inefficient if analyzed in the usual way. Besides spending energy. the traditional process will only waste a worker’s time. So to use files with very large numbers it needs some intermediaries. Here are the concepts contained in this large file.

The Amount of Big Data That Increases

This big data every year and even the day will continue to grow. Along with the file storage activity used by companies and the public. For example, in 2000 this file had reached 80 thousand petabytes. It has touched petabytes since 2000 while the file will reach zetabytes this year.

The entire development of consumer interests and needs is in there. Why all the files can be generated ?. Of course, because the activities of companies and communities are increasingly dependent on computers and gadgets. The amazing amount as above is the result of a summary of all the storage in this world.

Accompanied by the appearance of large files, there must be storage that must be more efficient and broad in order to accommodate it. Maybe like this can not be saved through ordinary computer devices. Because the amount will continue to grow. How important is this big file actually for the company?

Of course it will be so important to remember that in this file all the interests of the world community are contained. Ownership of this large file might be something that entrepreneurs need to do in this era. Although processing large files is not easy. But still companies have to do it for expansion.

Processing Speed ​​in Large Files
In big data also known as velocity or speed. how fast the company will be able to process files. Then use the file for the benefit of the company. This is the main problem of a large file. The more files pile up, the company must be able to more quickly carry out the analysis process.

Of course this speed will always be proportional to the size of the file. for example, all company files are 1 terabytes. While the speed of the analysis process is 1GB per second. So for once the process will take approximately 10 minutes. That’s only one tera, while large files in general have reached the size of petabytes.

I can’t imagine how much time a company would have if it had to analyze this big data. With this problem then many software developers make solutions. from the cloud system to everything else. The point is they want the process that needs to be done for these large files to be more efficient and fast.

But in an effort to solve this set of problems a fairly efficient solution is needed. Without the use of software a company will be very difficult to be able to complete its analysis in a timely manner. Moreover, this large file will always increase with time as if there is no maximum limit.

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